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Welsh Language Lessons

The Kathleen Hughs Welsh Learning Academy

For Everyone with an interest in Iaith y Nefoedd - The Language of Heaven

A number of years ago a Welsh immigrant to Denver Kathleen Hughes began to offer weekly Welsh lessons to society members in her home. Although Kathleen is no longer with us, her legacy lives on and every Tuesday evening between October and the end of May, a dedicated group of Colorado Welsh Society members meets to study "Cymraeg".

Welsh is one of the oldest living languages in Europe, having its roots in the pre-Latin languages of the Celtic World. Although Welsh is related to both Scottish and Irish forms of Gaelic, in that they are all Celtic languages it is very different. Scottish and Irish Gaelic together with Manx comprise the Goedelic branch of the Celtic language family, with Welsh, Cornish and Breton forming the Brythonic branch. There are several forms of Welsh, and our classes focus on the modern spoken language, although the comparisons with the older literary or biblical forma of the language are made. We try to keep the classes fun and have the aim of getting students to try to speak the language rather than emphasizing grammatical perfection.

Classes are free to members of the society, and the text book is about $25.  Classes meet from 7 – 8:30pm and then come together for a te bach until 9pm.  Students take turns brining a treat to share.

The language classes start October 4th, if you would like more information on the language classes or the Welsh language please contact Elis Owens 303-427-7188,or .

You can visit our blog for more information.

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